Nikolai Marcinowski is a Berlin-based photographer and artist, born in 1994 in Munich.

About the Photographer

familiar with working in both digital and analog preferring 35mm and 6x7 Film.


The fields he focuses on are



architectural Documentation/Interior


10|2014 - 01|2019

Studies in photography

at the university of applied sciences

05|2016 - 03|2019

scholarship student of the Max-Weber-Programm

About the artist 

Nikolai Marcinowski's works are poetical explorations, always initiated by a personal story or sensation, circling around philosophical reflections about mortality, existential Loneliness and vulnerability.

Marcinowski creates an area of tension by interweaving biographic fragments and intimate emotions with contemporary social discourse, being driven by the persistent urge to locate himself in this world

and relate to his environment. Thereby he seeks to open up sensual and associative spaces for subconscious and emotional resonance, leaving behind the conceptual approach in photographic art practice.

He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Munich in 2019 with his work „fließendes leben still im raum“, that negotiates his father’s frailty and long illness and his sudden death during the work on the project.

His most recent work „What doesn’t fit into a story, what doesn’t have a story“ finished in March of 2020 addresses Jaques Lacan’s concept of the big Other and the missing Real, seeking a space before words, fueled by the subconscious, pondering isolation during the pandemic quarantine and the radical loneliness of each living being.


Additionally to his photographic projects he currently explores sculptural work with porcelain and wood. 


JuLY 2019 "fließendes leben still im raum" 

Show and tell - University of applied sciences Munich

Group Exhibition

April 2019 "Keep your eyes peeled"

Berlin Gallery weekend

AFF Galerie Friedrichshain Berlin

Group Exhibition

Feb/March 2019 "Der Schein der Dinge"

Scotty Enterprises Kreuzberg Berlin

Group Exhibition

SEPt 2018 "Entropie" and "Muted Voices" 

Kunstwechsel Siegen Gruppe 3/55

Group Exhibition

Dez 2016 "Lost and Found"

Kunstwechsel Siegen Gruppe 3/55

Group Exhibition

July 2016 "Lost and Found"

"Typ 405" together with Benjamin Kis

IG Kultur Fürstenfeldbruck

Duo Exhibition